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Motorhome Protect Insurance only offer Comprehensive Insurance quotations online. If you would like to discuss other options, please call us on 01865 818341 . Please take all reasonable care to answer the questions honestly, to the best of your knowledge and provide full answers and relevant details. If you do not answer the questions honestly or to the best of your knowledge, then your quotations may not be vaild and any purchased policy may be cancelled or your claim rejected or not fully paid. Where help text is provided in relation to a question please ensure that you read this fully to ensure the answer you provide is as accurate as is possible.

We compare prices from our specially selected Motorhome insurance panel and give you our cheapest price. We don't provide advice or recommendations on the products we offer but information will be provided so you can decide if it's suitable.

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We can only quote for a maximum of 5 modifications online, if you have more than 5 please call us on 01865 818341 .

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Do you want to protect your no claims discount?

Please note, not all of our specialist products allow protected no claims discount. Protecting your no claims bonus will cost more but protects your discount in the event of a claim being made.

Where was your no claims discount earned?

On what type of vehicle did you earn your no claims discount?

Please note, we can accept No Claims Bonus (NCB) of the following type: Private Car or Private Motorhome earned in the UK in the last 2 years. The NCB cannot be in use on any other policy and you must be able to supply evidence of the NCB from your previous insurer, failure to provide evidence of the NCB could result in the NCB being removed and the premium potentially increasing and this may be subject to an admin fee being applied. If your NCD was earned on a Commercial Vehicle or is being used on another vehicle, please enter 0 NCD years.

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We will use your data for the purpose of providing you with a quote and this will include sharing data with our insurers and other third parties. We, our insurers or credit provider will carry out checks with external databases such as credit reference agencies and publicly available sources of information as part of this process to enable us to verify the information you provide, to assist us in providing the quote and for fraud prevention. If you have previously held a product with Motorhome Protect Insurance or obtained a quote in the past, we may carry out checks against the data we already hold on you. Please read our Privacy Policy before continuing which sets out information about how your data is used and stored, and who we share information with as well as information about your rights.

You will not receive advice or recommendation from us. We will give you information about a product but cannot make a decision for you.

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